Localess is a powerful translation management tool and content management system built using Angular and Firebase. With Localess, you can easily manage and translate your website or app content into multiple languages, and it uses Artificial Intelligence to translate faster. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and the Firebase integration ensures that your translations are stored securely and can be easily accessed from anywhere. Whether you're a developer looking to expand your app's reach or a business owner looking to expand your online presence in new markets, Localess is the perfect solution for your localization needs.


  • Translation Management Tool :
    • Edit your localization content in real-time.
    • Translate with the help of Artificial Intelligence (Google Translate).
    • No application build is required anymore.
  • Content Management System :
    • Define the shape of your content data with Schematics.
    • Define Validation for quality data.
    • Create hierarchical content.
  • Low code platform.
  • Publish your changes with an instant application.
  • Google CDN Integration (very fast response time, about 20ms for 5000 translations).
  • Easy way to migrate or back up data with the Import / Export feature.
  • User Management with granular permissions.
  • Integration via API with any kind of application and language.
  • Generate Open API Specification for better Integration.

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