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Unleash the power of the future with our revolutionary content management platform. Localess streamlines content creation, simplifies collaboration and empowers seamless publishing across all channels. Experience unmatched flexibility, intuitive design, and cutting-edge features that elevate your content strategy to new heights.

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Trusted by teams of all shapes and sizes to create content that reaches a global audience


Build to scale

Trusted by teams of all shapes and sizes to create content that reaches a global audience.

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Breaks down language barriers and expands your global reach

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Translation Management Tool

Helps businesses overcome the complexities of multilingual content management, leading to faster time to market, increased brand consistency, and cost-effective global expansion.

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Increased Efficiency.
Automates repetitive tasks, terminology management, and translator assignments. This frees up time and resources for human expertise to focus on complex translations or nuanced content.
Improved Cost-Effectiveness.
By streamlining the translation process and leveraging reusable content, a Translation Management Tool can significantly reduce translation costs.
Enhanced Quality Control.
Facilitates consistent terminology usage and style guides, ensuring high-quality translations across all languages. It also allows for streamlined review and approval workflows.
Faster Time to Market.
The automation and project management capabilities enable businesses to translate content faster and reach global audiences quicker.
Scalability for Growth.
It can handle large volumes of content efficiently, making it ideal for businesses with expanding global reach or multilingual content needs.
Centralized Collaboration.
A central platform for translators, reviewers, and project managers to collaborate seamlessly, improving communication and project visibility.

Content Management System

Reach your full content potential. Content creation made easy. Website updates in a snap.

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Effortless Content Creation.
Stop wrestling with code! A CMS lets anyone easily create, edit, and publish content on your website, even without technical expertise.
Say Goodbye to Updates.
Tired of waiting for a developer to make a simple change? A CMS empowers you to update your website content yourself, instantly.
Organized & Efficient.
No more information chaos! A CMS keeps all your website content organized in one central location, making it easy to find and manage everything.
Content for Everyone.
Reach a wider audience! A CMS makes it easy to publish content in multiple languages, expanding your global reach.
Work Smarter, Not Harder.
Free up your time! A CMS automates repetitive tasks like scheduling posts and managing SEO, letting you focus on creating great content.
Drag & drop your way to a stunning website.
Effortless Design, Powerful Content. Drag, Drop, Done!.

Digital Media Assets

Localess provides an extensible UI for managing assets. Files, like JPGs and PDFs, exist alongside your content data.

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Enhanced Brand Storytelling.
Compelling images, videos, and graphics can significantly elevate your brand storytelling. They capture attention, evoke emotions, and effectively communicate your brand message.
Increased Engagement.
Digital media assets are powerful tools for grabbing user attention and boosting engagement. They break up text-heavy content, making it more visually appealing and interactive.
Improved Content Marketing.
High-quality visuals are essential for creating impactful content marketing campaigns. Digital media assets draw viewers to your content, leading to better website traffic, social media shares, and overall reach.
Boosted Conversions.
Well-placed images and videos can significantly influence user behavior. They can showcase products in a more compelling way, leading to increased sales and conversions.
Global Reach.
Digital media assets transcend language barriers. They can effectively communicate your message to a diverse audience across the globe, expanding your reach and potential customer base.
Improved User Experience.
High-quality visuals can significantly enhance user experience by making your website or content more visually appealing and user-friendly.

Schema Definition

Design your content structure in minutes with our user-friendly schema builder. Choose from various field types like text, images, and even options. Connect your content models to unlock powerful content relationships and supercharge your scalability.

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Design your content structure.
Forget complex coding languages! Our visual interface allows anyone to define the structure of their content, regardless of technical expertise.
Flexible Field Options.
Choose the right building blocks for your content. Text, images, numbers, even options - we offer a variety of field options to perfectly represent your information.
Powerful Relationships.
Connect your content models (like "Products" and "Reviews") to share information and create dynamic relationships. This allows you to build rich and interconnected content experiences.
No Coding Needed.
Forget complex coding languages! Our visual interface allows anyone to define the structure of their content, regardless of technical expertise.
Smart checks for every field.
Define rules for each piece of data, like requiring email addresses to be in a specific format or numbers to fall within a certain range.
Building a Hierarchy with Content Models.
For specific content areas, create unions of models allowing editors to choose from different predefined options within the hierarchical structure (e.g., selecting different types of content blocks to display within a parent "Page" model).

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